Severe plane crash in Val D’Aosta [26 January 2019]

Severe plane crash in Val D’Aosta [26 January 2019]

January 26, 2019 0 By Peter King

A tourist plane and a helicopter collided , for reasons yet to be ascertained, on the sky above the valley of La Thuile above the Ruitor glacier. In the accident 5 people died, two others are seriously injured, while rescuers look for two missing persons. The incident occurred in conditions of perfect visibility. Immediate rescue car with the accident site reached by medical personnel of the regional helicopter, from the mountain rescue of the Guardia di Finanza and a dozen volunteers. On the spot there is also a highly specialized group of firefighters who was responsible for freeing the injured from the crumpled sheets.

Plane in the sky. Feel of freedom.

Latest news, denied the landing at the Sea Watch
The tension in the Mediterranean rises with the ship of a Dutch NGO , the Sea Watch, which is denied the landing in Italian ports. The boat asked the Italian authorities for permission to enter the territorial waters, the latter was granted due to bad weather conditions. In the end the Sea Watch station is now a mile from the port of Syracuse, and exactly in the bay of Augusta, flanked by units of the Coast Guard and Guardia Finanza. Meanwhile, come the words of government officials with Di Maio and Salvini asking for the involvement of Holland, a country whose flag is flying, to take care of the 47 refugees on board. The statements have as usual aroused a hornet, with the former candidate mayor of Palermo, the Fiorello grill, who distances himself from his political leader.

Latest news, in jail unjustly for 22 years now seeks compensation
He was jailed on February 13, 1976 for the murder of two young carabinieri, but after 22 years he was released from prison for not having committed the crime. Gullotta had already been compensated with six million euros a few years ago, now he cited the carabinieri for criminal responsibility, asking for a good 66 million euro. In the act of summons, in addition to the military of the Arma, accused of having extorted the confession, the Italian state is also cited, according to Gullotta, not to have codified the crime of torture. The man actually entered the Guinness Book of Records to be the one on which the longest judicial error in the history of the Italian Republic was made.

Latest news, an historic collaborator of President Trump has been arrested by the FBI
The federal agents have handcuffed today Roger Stone one of the most trusted collaborators of the American president Donald Trump. Stone ended up in jail for the Russiagate affair , a deal that allegedly allowed Trump to access the oval studio, to the detriment of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Heavy the accusations formalized at Stone, accusations ranging from false testimony to obstruction of justice. The man after being taken to a prison facility was released after paying a quarter of a million dollars as a deposit. Immediate position by Trump who accused the prosecutor Muller of fomenting an extremely politicized investigation.